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How to buy or contact seller
Before buying item
There are 2 methods to contact a seller/member regarding any listings on the website.
1) Our Site Interface
2) Facebook Interface

If you have not registered an account with any of[?] group of websites, please register one. Otherwise, please login to your account.
Method 1
Step 1:
Click on the item you wish to buy. You will reach the Item Details Page.
Step 2:
You can click on either 'BUY' or 'SEND ENQUIRY' to contact the seller/member.
Step 3:
Fill in the neccessary fields and also your message to the seller/member. Key in the security check code and click 'Send Message'. You will be notified when the message is sent successfully.
Method 2
Step 1:
You can use the comment box located at the bottom of the Item Detail page to contact the seller/member. To do so, you need to either have a Facebook account, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL account. Once you finished keying in your comments, click 'Comment using..'.
Contact Information
If you have any questions or enquiry, please contact us at
If you wish to provide any feedbacks to, we welcome you to send us an email at